Customized information and processes put into practice

Our one-to-one coaching and telephone training is individually accompanied and practice-orientated, to form the optimal basis for your further development.

With us you do not get any standard training. Every training, every coaching and every workshop will be individually worked out and tailored to the needs and requirements of the participants.

Before every training and coaching a pre-test is carried out with the participants in order to guarantee individuality.

We convey practical knowledge from our daily contact with customers, therefore there are no theoretical, preconceived and antiquated tracts.

The various measures of the application management and career consultation convey the necessary preconditions for the start of new employment or successful further development. They are continuously adjusted to the individual requirements of the participants, and next to a basic professional orientation, they encompass the creation of an individual profiling including the agreed qualification goals and –steps of every participant.

Depending on the type of the respective measure you can expect

  • A profiling, which underlines the individually existing and professionally relevant capabilities and affinities;
  • Training sequences , which convey and practice general as well as specific professional basics;
  • Sequences , which verify professional orientations, convey practical experience, and train key qualifications;
  • An application training in line with the job market;
  • A continuous attendance which supports you during the whole qualification process.

Certainly all our trainings and workshops are also offered also as in-house events for your company.