Unified Communications

Unified communications currently is in the spotlight of many companies. Although the term ‘Unified Communications’ does not reveal very much, it is a mix of well-known technologies.

The integration of IT and classic telephony bears a big challenge for many people: users or respectively customers, as well as vendors and sales people of manufacturers and their distributors.

…but what is Unified Communications?

Then idea behind Unified Communications is to improve the accessibility of the communication partners with shared work – by means of a combination of communication services and the integration of presence functions as known by instant messengers, and consequently accelerate business activities.

The different technology suppliers enable cost savings, an efficiency increase and process optimizations, in order to show a noticeable return on investment.

In cooperation with our partners and customers we have specialized in the subject “How to sell Unified Communications?” with our trainings and workshops.

This way we provide the optimal result for all participants on the journey to the future of IT.