GATI The hub for sales processes

Make your trainings measurable!

With our particularly developed concept you can present your trainings as a measurable sales quantity in combination with some marketing elements. This way you will reach an optimal training result and an automatic increase of your sales figures

Our services are modular and they complement your process chain from Marketing to Customer Care. This concerns our trainings as well as our operative sales support.

  • You need additional capacities for a targeted acquisition of new customers?
  • You are planning the introduction or the launch of new products or services?
  • You are expanding the existing resources of your sales team?
  • You are planning coachings to improve the capacities of your employees, or workshops and training for sales, marketing, and database management (CRM)?
  • You need special know-how for special customer target groups?
  • Are you looking for a new professional challenge?
  • Are you looking for analysis and consultation for your sales and marketing strategies and for existing internal processes?
  • are you thinking about completely outsourcing your sales processes?

Together with your team we determine your requirements and needs, then formulate a strategy and apply it to achieve optimal results.

What is your actual rate of customer loyalty?

On average, companies currently lose 15-30% of their customers annually.* Investigations show that approx. 60% of the customer movements are due to insufficient sales- or customer service.
* Source: Loyalty Hamburg